Centrally Web Controlled

  • Web-Based Control Panel Log in to the Control Panel from anywhere in the world. You don't have to be at the physical location as you can access the management tools via the Internet.
  • Separate different hotspot locations with “Location accounts” to your Main account, each with their own customisation, access profiles, logo’s, pricing, if required.

Remote Hotspot Management

(What you can access & control centrally is based on which pricing plan you sign up for)

  • You can list and see all of your hotspot locations, and all installed routers.
  • Each router sends a signal, known as a heartbeat, to our server every 3 minutes, so you can see that the router is online, and is working correctly.
  • You can log into hotspots that are connected remotely to change router settings and configurations from wherever you are in the world..
  • You can monitor your router's performance (CPU, Internet connection, WiFi connection, etc.) in graphical form.
  • You can also list users who are currently logged in to your hotspot.
  • You can also:
    • Change prices
    • Add new pricing plans
    • Add or remove guest access
    • Change marketing messages and advertisements for your business quickly
    • Easily change your account configuration through the Hub WiFi online portal

Real-Time Transaction Reports

  • Follow your credit card sales and voucher usage as they happen.
  • See users' details, purchase amounts, transaction dates and the location of purchases.
  • Transactions can be filtered and exported in CSV format for analysis in spreadsheets.
  • You are informed of logins via email if required so you can see the activity in real time

User search and usage Information

  • You can find out how many times a user logged in
  • How much time he or she and their devices spent online
  • How much traffic he or she and their devices downloaded and uploaded.
  • You can also see the MAC address of their computer, the IP address they logged in from, and (if SMS based password delivery has been activated) their mobile phone number.
  • Manage your hotspot vouchers and block users should you need to
  • Order hotspot vouchers as they are required, without paying for them in advance.
  • List unused vouchers that can still be redeemed by your hotspot customers.