Control Your Bandwidth & Data

Our network bandwidth management features provides a huge amount of flexibility and the opportunity to increase revenue through alternative usage methods.

The system can provide bandwidth bands so that increased bandwidth provided to certain users or user types can be monetised, and ensuring that free users do not use excessive amounts of the bandwidth that is available at certain locations.

To help spread the available bandwidth across all users evenly, we also have an activity time-out feature that can be set from 15 mins and upwards, where authenticated devices will automatically disconnect from the managed network if there is no online activity from them.

In addition, it can be set so that any user that has already registered for free WiFi access can not re-register within a specific period of time, this can be set by the venue WiFi administrator on the Hub WiFi management system.

The bandwidth management system can be tailored to your client according to:

  1. Time – You can set a limit to the amount of free access time on the guest WiFI, 30 minutes for example. When the limit is reached and continued usage is requested, then a charge to the guest could be requested.
  2. Speed – A limit can be set on the upload and or download speed on the guest WiFi. Users then have the option to upgrade for a faster WiFI experience at an additional charge, or they could be asked to view a sponsors video and or adverts.
  3. Usage – A limit to the usage can be set. For example, a guest who is simply checking their emails or browsing online will not use much bandwidth and therefore will not be charged, but a guest who is streaming videos (and using a higher proportion of the allocated WiFi bandwidth) could be charged.

Monitor your data consumption on Cellular or Satellite Modems

For season businesses such as tourist attractions, holiday caravans and boats, and many other types of venue, the owners either want to or are forced to use cellular and satellite data providers for connectivity, this may also apply if in remote places. These connectivity types means that the bandwidth is flexible and are charged on a data consumed basis.

Should this be the case, then monitoring the usage of the connection is very difficult, therefore we also provide a consumed data management module which comes with an email and SMS alerting system, so when the data consumption reaches certain thresholds the system can be set to send alerts via SMS or email. SMS is used when connection accounts such as these have to be topped up.

No Waiting for Funds. Receive your Revenue immediately

We are the only hotspot service provider that allows you to link your own PayPal and other payment gateway accounts.

With other providers you have to wait until after month end to have your funds appear in your account, and need to pay bank fees and possibly suffer currency conversion losses when the funds are finally transferred to you. With us any revenue achieved goes directly to your account.