SMS & Email WiFi Users

Establish a Positive Identity using SMS (2FA)

When users purchase access via a payment gateway like PayPal ,their identity can be established through their payment gateway account or the credit card used. However, when no credit card or payment gateway is used (for example for vouchers access) then no real positive identity can be established.

  • Hub Connect is the only hotspot service that provides the ability to deliver the password required to login through SMS messages globally. The mobile phone number establishes a positive identity of the user which cannot be falsified
  • SMS messages can be sent regardless of where your hotspot is located and regardless of where the mobile phone that is to receive the SMS message originates from. We charge a low standard cost of us£ 0.10 regardless of your location and regardless of your hotspot customer's origin.

SMS Provides Another Opportunity to Market Your Business

  • Venue owners and sponsors can use the mobile phone number data to create SMS marketing campaigns to promote their venue or other businesses
  • You can add your own messages to the SMS containing the login details, providing another marketing channel for your business.
  • Provide better support to your hotspot customers with SMS

Example problem 1: While Hub WiFi will attempt to log users in automatically on the device the internet access was registered or purchased on (e.g. a laptop), long term hotspot users may wish to use their login on other devices such as tablet and or mobile phones.

The solution: When activated, the system will send an SMS message to your hotspot customers mobile phone with their login details including username and password. The SMS message with the login details will reduce support messages requesting login details.

Example problem 2: A user having issues logging into the hotspot is hard to provide support to, as they are not yet logged in to the internet and have no email access. Typical support via email is therefore difficult to provide.

The solution: Collect the mobile phone number of your hotspot customer on the hotspot support request form, and respond to your customer's support request via SMS message at the same low cost rate of 0.10 per message.

Email Messaging for Alerts, Notifications, Voucher Delivery and much more

The Hub WiFi system will send the venue owners or network operators email alerts to the venue owners for all or some of the following reasons:

  • Alerts each time a new user registers
  • Alerts if an AP goes on and off line
  • Venue Voucher delivery as part of a WiFi generated promotion
  • Automatic alerts on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to delivery CSV user data
  • Data can also be sent on an automated basis to your marketing & promotion agencies
  • Data consumption alerts can also be sent if your using 3G/4G/Satellite connection who charge venues for the amount of data they use as opposed to being unlimited