Managed Support Services

This service is perfect for our partners who offer 24×7 services or operate across the globe, but which may lack the capacity to employ overnight and out of hours staff to filter calls.


Rapid responses to any client requests, ensuring that your company stays within any Service Level Agreements that it needs to comply with and we stay within the SLA we have agreed with our direct customers and partners alike for the benefit of their end users.

24/7 online support

To access our 24/7 help desk please go directly to our support ticketing system that you would have been given when you signed up as a customer of ours.


There you can request not only support, but a survey for your locations, a quote for new or additional equipment, a setting change, and many other reasons, as well as provide any feedback you think we would find useful.

Telephone Support

All our systems and services are designed to allow us to remotely monitor, as well as access to determine if a fault has arisen, should an emergency arise then all customers can call our front end triage help desk. 


Partners and direct customers can access our services with a PIN, and can call our dedicated and internationally accessible support number to speak to an operator in our triage team.

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