QiFi for instant feedback

Get great feedback from your users by asking them to complete a short survey using our advanced QiFi feature.

QiFi allows you to setup easily short survey pages which are displayed during the user’s self registration process, before they are authorised to access your WiFi network.

Using this method of surveys you have a captive audience and asking your users at the right time while they are within your venue.

Users can be forced to complete the survey, or offered to skip the skip the survey and self register for the WiFi at your venue using only the legally required information before being given access to your WiFi.

We have doctors surgeries, medical centres, garages, bars, clubs, estate agents, various waiting rooms and many more user types using the QiFi service, as it can provide an excellent way of getting instant feedback from users.

Completed form data can be set up to be sent by email based on certain criteria, so for example a car showroom and servicing garage uses it to increase their customer satisfaction by asking multiple choice questions requiring a simple Yes or No answer, if any users answer "No" to any of the 3-5 questions being asked, then an email alert is sent to the garage owner, who proceeds to talk in person in the waiting room.

So from market research to customer satisfaction, it provides a very insightful and invaluable real-time data which your business can take action on immediately.