WiFi As A Marketing Tool

When people connect to Hotspots, they are redirected automatically to a hotspot login CPortal page (also called a splash page). The hotspot comes with a number of built-in splash page designs to choose from. These designs as are also known as 'skins'. You can choose from one of standard skins or you can customise your own.

You can customize all skins further to include logos, images, marketing messages, instructions, etc. You can link to banners to advertise others services. You can also redirect users to your pages hosted on external servers before or after login (or both).

You can determine which information is collected on registration to a free-access voucher. This would be full name, email address, mobile phone number, address etc. This is useful for your business as you can use this data to keep in contact with your past and present users and promote your venue, its menus, events, special offers, provide vouchers, etc.

Consider the Wi-Fi signal is not confined to your own location but is generally broadcast well beyond your location, extending the reach of this marketing channel into the immediate neighbourhood.

All these options are invaluable when creating hotspots that are basically an advertisement and marketing channel for goods or services.

Use Access Plans to Control Access to Free WiFi Hotspots

You can decide how you control the hotspot users' access to the internet, preventing abuse but also enticing hotspot users to return to business or venue locations frequently.

You can set a time by which the access expires, set data usage limits, throttle the speed to something that will not allow a single users to hog your entire connection, you can redirect users to home pages after login, and log them out automatically after a period of inactivity.

To prevent abuse of the Free-Access hotspot, you can set a renewal period of your choice.

Hotspot users can create a free hotspot user only once within that renewal period.

Limiting access to patrons or employees of businesses

To limit usage to business customers only you can set a hotspot password which has to be entered on registration. This is particularly useful within club rooms, hotel rooms, airline lounges or comparable sites with limited access to the public.

  • You can limit the access further with vouchers. Vouchers can be tied to consumption within a restaurant, nights in a hotel, etc. The voucher codes are unique, and they are valid only for a given period that you can set them as you wish, for example, 30 minutes to an hour. This way you can avoid patrons using a hotspot for an entire day on the back of just one coffee order.
  • You can also limit usage to employees using known devices, by registering all device MAC ID’s in the web based management portal if required, this means that even if the above password is compromised, no unknown devices can connect anyway.

Voucher Creation & Printing

When a Free-Access Hotspot service is installed, vouchers can be created as required.

On the creation of vouchers in the Hub WiFi Control Panel our system creates high quality PDF files and sends them to venue owner via email for printing. These vouchers could also be discount or promotional vouchers, driving customers to purchase more in your venues.

As VIP vouchers they can then be given to VIP customers who are actually buying food and drink from the venue thus increasing their additional loyalty also.

Our customers (the venue owners) will receive all the customer data captured and collected in CSV format. This data is then used by the venues as the promotional database to send emails, SMS or other messages to sell more of the venues products and services to these users.

Finally voucher username & passwords can be generated then exported in CSV format ready to import into a hotel or café management system so you can print the codes onto guest receipts.

Social Network Login

Hub WiFi allows end users with various social networking accounts to login using a completely secure single sign on process, that will log them into Hub WiFi hotspots quickly and easily using their existing social network credentials.

Benefits of Social WiFi

  • Users get fast secure access to free WiFi hotspots
  • Capture user email addresses for future marketing use
  • Capture user mobile phone for future SMS marketing
  • Social WiFi login via Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Instagram and LinkedIn access coming soon
  • Boost your social profile to a bigger audience
  • Increase reach, likes and shares
  • Promote offers and events to existing and new customers

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